The Best Things To Write in a Journal

The Best Things To Write in a Journal

Isn’t it great to have a record of the special events, achievements and a lot of things which happen in your life? Journaling or journal writing means recording your day-to-day life, special occasions, traveling days, the foods you eat, hobbies, and many others. This is a priceless habit. By getting into a habit of consciously looking back over the journals, you will track your way of behavior which will help you achieve goals. You can also show them to your friends and family.

Significance of Journal Writing

People don’t pass by the same phase of life continually. They may face sorrow, and they also will face happy periods. Often people commit mistakes by harming themselves amidst sorrows. Journaling is a significant way of passing that bad phase of life. You can write poems, stories, and songs on your own or record the things you did at that time in a written form. So that if again if you face the situation, you can come out of it seeing the journal. Even the happy periods can be recorded and give you joy in reading them at your leisure.

Overall, Journaling is an excellent habit of practicing and finding pleasure in.

The best topics you can write in a journal:

1)Inspirational Quotes

Inspiration differs for individuals. For everybody, there is something that kicks their mind. That could be a quote from famous people, or dialogue from your father. It makes you feel energetic from the inside. Like, it may give you current. In consequence to that your goosebumps!  And you stay positive the entire day. However, you can simply write them in your journal with their deeper meaning. 

2) Simply answer the questions 

Famous people quoted something from their real-life experience. Their sayings came into public attention after they got famous. Instead of gaining motivation from their experience, you can write up your own. Our life is challenging. Every day we face sky-big problems. That time we fall into a dilemma like what to do? Thousands of questions span in your head & you dive into a deep ocean of thinking. It would be great if you write them in your journal. 

How can I organize my day? “

3) Write down your goals

That being told, out of sight means out of mind. While you are feeling at a loss on what to write in a journal, you can simply write your goals there. When you open your journal the next day, your write-up will pop up. Besides, you will get to know what you have to do next. Thus, you will be able to lead a systematic life.

4)Note the Events 

These events are kind of atypical ones. Like, it could be a historical moment or interesting news from today. For example, we all know the 9/11 tragedy of the twin towers. If you search, then you will find more of these kinds of events. It would be a great item to decorate your journal with. 

5)Keeping the traveling records

It is always fascinating to travel, be it inside your country or overseas. Travelling is one of the best things to write in your journal. Because in the leisure hours, you can read about a particular trip and it might bring you back some great memories. The zeal, the food, and the places all can be noted down in the journal.

6) Thoughts of the family members and friends

More often than not, you may run out of topics to write in your journal. You can write about your family members and close friends and their thoughts. Let’s say your brother has achieved a prize for being the winner of a competition. You can write about these things.

7)   Note the starting hour of the day

When you usually wake up, you don’t get burdened with thoughts on what to do or the busy stuff. Take some time and write at least 3-4 pages on the weather, mood, and maybe about your favorite breakfast.

8)   You can use seasonal themes

This is an amazing thing you should put in your journal to make things look colorful. Suppose you are not able to come up with an idea of what to write about. You can attach some seasonal themes, which can be the welcoming themes of January, love-related themes in February, and many others.

9)   Write remembering someone special

It may often happen that due to busyness, you have not been able to meet your loved ones. You can write remembering them in your journal. Also, You can even write a letter to them here and then when they come to your place; you can show them. They’ll find love within you, and it will make them feel special.

10) Write down All Your Stress

I think this is an amazing way to relieve your stress to some extent. In our life stress can come for many reasons and there is some stress which we can not share with anybody. Those unshared stress can bother us and hamper the pace of our daily work. When you write down your stress in the journal it’s like sharing with someone.

11) Make a List of People You Should Call

In our busy lives, we often forget to take the news of our close ones. But if we can arrange a list whose news we should take regularly, maybe it will be quite easier to get rid of this crisis. So you can make a list of people you should call to take their news regularly.

12) Express Your Gratitude to Good Things 

Many things happen in our life every day including both good and bad things. But we always forget to show gratitude towards the good things that happen in a day. So you can think about the good things that happened to you in the day and write down your feelings in the journal. 


If you wish to write down a journal of your own there are many things around you from which you can select your topic. Here in this article, I have shown you some common but the best things you can write in your journal book. Hopefully, these ideas will come to your help and make you spontaneous in your journal book journey. Service Review

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