Quiz: What’s your learning style?

Directions: Select the statement below that best describes you.

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    If I have to learn how to do something, I learn best when I:

    • Watch someone show me how
    • Hear someone tell me how.
    • Try to do it myself.
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    When I read, I often find that:

    • Visualize what I am reading in my mind’s eye.
    • Read out loud or hear the words inside my head.
    • Fidget and try to “feel” the content.
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    When asked to give directions, I:

    • See the actual places in my mind as I say them or prefer to draw them.
    • Have no difficulty in giving them verbally.
    • Have to point or move my body as I give them.
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    If I am unsure how to:

    • Write it in order to determine if it looks right
    • Spell it out loud in order to determine if it sounds right.
    • Write it in order to determine if it feels right.
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    When I write I:

    • Am concerned with how neat and well spaced my letters and words appear.
    • Often say the letters and words to myself.
    • Push hard on my part or pencil and can feel the flow of the words.
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    If I had to remember a list of items, I would remember it best if:

    • Wrote them down
    • Said them over and over to myself.
    • Move around and used my fingers to name each item.
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    I prefer teachers who:

    • Use a board or overhead projector while they lecture.
    • Talk with lots of expression.
    • Use hands­on activities.
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    When trying to concentrate, I have a difficult time when:

    • There is a lot of clutter or movement in the room.
    • There is a lot of noise in the room.
    • I have to sit still for any length of time.
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    When solving a problem I:

    • Write or draw diagrams to see it.
    • Talk myself through it.
    • Use my entire body or move objects to help me think.
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    When given written instructions on how to build something, I:

    • Read them silently and try to visualize how the parts will fit together.
    • Read them out loud and talk to myself as I put the part together.
    • Try to put the parts together first and read later.
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    To keep occupied while waiting, I:

    • Look around, stare, or read.
    • Talk or listen to others
    • Walk around, manipulate things with my hands, or move/shake my feet as I sit.
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    If I had to verbally describe something to another person, I would:

    • Be brief because I do not like to talk at length.
    • Go into great detail because I like to talk.
    • Gesture and move around while talking.
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    If someone were verbally describing something to another person, I would:

    • ) Try to visualize what he/she was saying.
    • Enjoy listening but want to interrupt and talk myself.
    • Become bored if her/his description got too long and detailed.
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    When trying to recall names, I remember:

    • Faces but forget names.
    • Names, but forget faces
    • The situation where I met the person rather than the person’s name or face.

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