Psychology of Dogs Quiz!

This is a fun quiz about dogs! Get to know your best pet friend a little better! Answer each question to the best of your ability. No worries about your score! Just enjoy!


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    When a dog runs to your feet and rolls over on her back, what is she saying to you?

    • Pet them
    • “Hey Boss, what’s up?”
    • Where’s the ball?
    • C’mon let’s go squirrel hunting
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    What does it mean when the hair on your dog’s back stands up?

    • That she is feeling guilty and/or submissive
    • That she is having a bad hair day
    • That she is angry and/or suspicious
    • That she wants to play
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    Your dog is ecstatic to see you and jumps up on you, decorating your new pants with dirty paw prints. What is the most effective way to discourage the behavior permanently?

    • Yell “get down” and throw him off you.
    • Anticipate when he is going to jump up and firmly say “Sit”, rewarding him for doing so.
    • Pet him and push him down gently
    • Give him a lengthy lecture on social etiquette
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    By playing tug of war with your dog, your dog can develop:

    • A tendency to compete with you
    • An aggressive prey drive
    • Low self-esteem
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    You are walking with your dog and he is sniffing about and urinating frequently. Assuming he has no medical problems, why the constant peeing?

    • He still has to pee
    • He is marking territory
    • He wants the walk to last longer
    • He is drinking too much water
  • Question of

    Dogs only wag their tails when they are exceedingly pleased or happy.

    • True
    • False
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    During sustained eye contact between you and your dog, if your dog looks away first, it means that:

    • She is feeling insecure and unloved
    • She is submitting to your dominant role
    • She is asserting her dominance over you
    • She is shy
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    Your dog would love nothing better than to climb into bed with you. But you insist that he sleep on the floor beside your bed. What does your dog think?

    • That you are unfair and mean
    • That you are punishing him
    • That you are the boss of the household
    • That you think there is not enough room for the two of you
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    You leave your grown dog for a 5-hour period while you go out. You come back and your favorite pair of runners are shredded to bits. And one of your books has been partially digested. Why did your dear pooch wreak such havoc on your belongings?

    • She felt anxious about your departure
    • She felt angry about your departure
    • She was hungry
    • She is not very smart
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    It is a cool spring day and you and your dog are sitting around watching the world go by. Your dog spontaneously starts panting vigorously. Why?

    • He has to urinate
    • He is having a stimulating memory
    • He wants something from you
    • He is under stress (positive or negative)
  • Question of

    Dogs can differentiate between blue-violet and yellow.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    A tall man wearing a trench coat and fedora is swaggering towards you and your dog one evening. Your dog is visibly unnerved and stands her ground, growling and barking at the strange looking character. Why does your dog display this behavior?

    • She knows that she could rip any threatening character into bits
    • She perceives you as part of her family and is instinctively protective
    • She fundamentally feels protected by you and isn’t scared to initiate a possible attack
    • It’s good sport
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    You are off to the grocery store. Your dog is looking at you longingly, but you simply can’t take him. To comfort your pooch, you spend a significant amount of time saying goodbye, cuddling, praising, petting, and cooing to him. How will he feel when you actually walk out of the door?

    • Content and secure
    • Excited, agitated, and emotionally wound-up
    • Calm and sleepy
    • Happy to finally have the place to himself
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    According to many dog trainers, inhumane treatment and __________ will most surely ruin a dog or puppy.

    • Intensive training too early
    • Overfeeding
    • Social isolation
    • Excessive bathing
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    Dogs have much more acute eyesight than humans.

    • True
    • False

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