Media Psychology Trivia Quiz!

This is an interesting trivia quiz about the field of media psychology! Choose the best answer you can from the options below! Answer each question to the best of your ability! Enjoy! Free results at the end! Have a great day!

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    The Medium is the message’ and the electronic media have transformed the world into a ‘global village’ are theories of whom?

    • Jeffrey Cole
    • George Gerbner
    • Max McCombs
    • Marshall McLuhan
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    Technological determinism is the belief that

    • Technology causes certain human behaviors
    • Soon inventors will develop the ultimate device to improve life
    • Technology is glorified too much and man should not rely too much on it
    • All of the above
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    The regular dissemination of a belief, doctrine, a cause, or information with the intent to mold public opinion is called

    • Semiotics
    • Hypodermic Needle Model
    • Propaganda
    • Agenda Setting
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    Media theories have had profound effects in a number of ways. One way is

    • Media theories help us organize and make sense of the world and our understanding of the world.
    • Theories give us a heads-up on what to purchase
    • Theories help us to identify the deep thinkers in our world.
    • All of the above
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    Which commission is the principal communications regulatory body at the federal level in the United States?

    • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
    • National Regulatory Commission (NRC)
    • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
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    What theorist(s) first explained agenda setting?

    • George Gerbner
    • Paul Lazarsfeld and Robert K. Merton
    • Marshall McLuhan
    • Jeffrey Cole
  • Question of

    According to the ‘encoding and decoding’ model of communication, what are two people doing while talking?

    • Applying meaning
    • Establishing a relationship
    • Identifying social and economic class
    • Expressing feelings
  • Question of

    Which theory says that we use media only to meet personal needs, especially psychological needs?

    • Reception Analysis
    • Magic bullet
    • Uses and Gratifications
    • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Question of

    Which theory posits that people rely on a sixth sense to gauge the prevailing climate of opinion?

    • Third-percent effect
    • Uses and Gratification
    • Cultivation theory
    • Spiral of silence hypothesis
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    The Information Society, a phrase to describe a new era that breaks drastically from the industrial society, also is known as

    • The Wired Society
    • The Gaming Society
    • The Glitz and Glitter Society
    • The Post-Industrial Society
  • Question of

    People are likely to invest less effort in a task when they are working with others. What is this phenomenon called?

    • Social facilitation
    • Social loating
    • Deindividuation
    • The bystander effect
  • Question of

    What is group polarization?

    • The tendency for a dominant point of view in a group to be strengthened to a more extreme position after a group discussion
    • The strength of the liking and commitment group members have toward each other and to a group
    • A situation in which one harms oneself and others by acting in one’s self-interest
    • The tendency of a close-knit group to emphasize consensus at the expense of critical thinking and rational decision making
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    If people work hard to reach a goal, they are likely to justify their hard work by valuing the goal highly. What is this tendency called?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Risky shift
    • Diffusion of responsibility

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