Resilience: Learning How to Move Forward in Life

Resilience: Learning to move forward in life

Resilience: Learning How to Move Forward in Life

When life hands you a challenge, do you run away or say bring it on? If you are the latter, you are known to be a resilient individual. What is resilience? It is typically viewed as the ability to adapt to any negative or challenging situation a person may face. Many of us do not realize how capable we are until we are in a moment that requires us to stand up and forge on.  

There are three basic things everyone wants in life. A safe and nurturing home, healthy life experiences and our own personal successes but along the way to achieving our own happiness, we may hit roadblocks. When that happens, you either accept the cards that have been dealt and remain stagnant or you may choose to say that you can navigate around this ‘life roadblock’ and use the situation to create more, do better, and succeed. 

How to find resilience

Have you ever wondered how individuals who face catastrophic or life-changing situations somehow manage to keep it ‘together’ while others completely spiral or lose control? Those who do not let their situation define them experience what all of us wish we had, resilience. It is very possible to implement the ability to overcome adversity, even if you didn’t think you had it in you.

Learning how to remain calm under pressure, maintaining a positive attitude and learning how to process and break down any situation that life hands you are just a few steps towards the path of overcoming anything but there is always something that can be done to help us rise above any challenge. Sometimes, we have no choice but to force ourselves to remain positive for the sake of others, but, when that happens we often manifest positivity we did not even know we had as humans. 

Learn the basics of resilience

Having the ability to face a challenging situation and deal with it begins with you and those around you. Having a network of family members and friends who are there for you emotionally and mentally can help you in many ways. Being able to talk through our problems can help us solve how to fix or learn how to cope with many aspects of our problems or situations. 

Make a realistic plan to cope, heal, and move forward. Break the problem down and find ways to work through every aspect. By breaking down the situation at hand, you can see the steps that need to be taken along the way. In some cases, your newfound approach to tackling a problem can have a better impact than you expected as you will learn how to tackle any problem large or small through calm and calculated problem-solving.

Get it on paper

Sometimes, writing about our problems and challenges can be a very powerful process. Spending a few minutes a day writing down your feelings can help you further understand what you need to do to focus on making your life better. More importantly, a pen and paper have zero opinions about your life and the outcome of any issue you face.

While it can seem like some of us are more resilient then others, that doesn’t mean we are weak. Writing to understand can lead to a lot of insight into yourself and, sometimes, other people around you. By noting what your peers have done to fight through the effects of a situation, you can create a system of resiliency that works for you. 

Show yourself some love

We are all deeply emotional beings. We are all human and will feel a different response to any situation we face. How we respond determines how we make it through and knowing that loving yourself come first can help you reinforce internal positivity. When we feel a sense of hope and a lack of judgment toward ourselves, it’s easier to realize we are human and it is better to honor ourselves. By doing so, the desire to practice resilience is greater. Be patient with yourself. Learning how to overcome life events of any size can be challenging and a learning process. As the saying goes ‘one step forward, two steps back’ 

Be patient with yourself while practicing resilience. The urge to give up can be great at times but those who battle through know the battle is worth it. Taking on a challenge of any size and coming through the other side stronger than ever is what makes the practice of positivity worth it. 

Rise Above it All

It can be very easy for us to simply tell ourselves that the hand we have been dealt with is the only hand we have but, that is simply not true. As the saying goes ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. This saying applies to so much in life. By finding a way to adapt to the situation at hand.

There are many modern tools available that can help you along the way including books and phone apps. Beyond technology, meditation, yoga, and exercise are key. Learning how to find your center and remain calm can help you feel resilient without even trying. When we use tools to reduce stress, our minds are free to think.  

Learn how to persevere with Resilience

In the end, no one is immune to life events happening but we are not immune to reshaping our minds and the way we think. If you ever sit back and wonder how some individuals get through a natural disaster, the loss of a friend, or more, take a moment to consider what you have been through. How did you make it through? Think about how you handled that event. Did you keep it together and move through it? no one ever wants to face a negative challenge in their life but

when you can adapt in a healthy manner, maintain a positive attitude and come out the other side better than before, then you have some form of resilience and can always bounce back. 

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