How To Use A Meditation Cushion

You will always want to experience peace in your life. But more often than not, owing to certain situations, you suffer from mental anxiety, a disorder due to stress and many other malfunctions. Moreover, your search for a medium through which you can get rid of the problem and then come out reactivated and alright. Meditation has been the best process to undergo for attaining this mental peace. You will feel a lot more activated than before after doing the meditation. Meditation is a principle element in the spiritual habit of doing yoga as well as in many other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

What is a meditation cushion?

A meditation cushion is a big pillow-like soft thing which is implemented for supporting your body in a comfortable position while you are doing meditation. Specially made meditation cushions can help you in minimizing the complications and assist in enhancing your focus by helping to maintain an easy pose for a significant amount of time. The initial function of a meditation cushion is the inclination of the pelvis above the knees while assisting the spine.

Let us now see how to use a meditation cushion.

The process of using a meditation cushion

This is one of the most vital parts of meditation. The proper usage of a meditation cushion is significant for enhancing the results of meditation.

The different poses and position s in which you can use a meditation cushion are described below:

1) Keeping the back in an arched position

A meditation cushion is not only usable in a seated position, but also you can use it for opening up your chest and ribcage. It can be implemented for deep and long breaths at the time you are undergoing through meditation and breathing-related exercises. It’s also an amazing way to get rid of lower back pain.

You need to stretch out your abdomen after you are done with your yoga practice. Then you need to sit down with the meditation cushion just behind your hips. After that, you have to lean back with your arms in the overhead position to open up your chest properly and have a good extension. Now, you are ready to take a deep breath and relax.

2) By the combination of Kneeling with the assistance of a support

Kneeling is one of the most widely implemented poses for doing meditation. Still, without the aid of proper support, it can fast become a painful operation for people with sensitive knees and ankles. You need to utilize your meditation cushion for providing support between your knees within a kneeling position. It’ll take away the pressure from your joints and enhance the circulation within your legs. You will never want your meditation process to face any problem and stop due to your limbs going down. So, while doing meditation in this position, be careful about your limbs.

3) The meditation process where you need to keep doing it holding the Lotus Pose in quarter

This is one of the easiest poses to do meditation in. This procedure is much more comfortable on your knees and the hips than your in-general full Lotus pose. These types of variations make great and helpful poses for undergoing through the meditation process. This kind of posture is a Quarter Lotus position or configuration by implementing the Crystal Cove meditation cushion for assistance. This kind of pose is a great one for opening up the hips, knees, and ankles. You also need to consider a cross-legged posture and elegantly place the right ankle within the opposite calf of yours.

For taking up a notch to the Half a Lotus pose, you have to place the same ankle a bit higher. This will enable it to be rested on the upper thigh from the opposite leg.

4) Doing the meditation process by holding a standard Cross-legging Pose

It is one of the most popular poses to use a meditation cushion. You start by keeping yourself in a seated position within an in-general cross-legged position for a small strain on your joints. You should hold the pose even at the time of opening up your knees and holding your hips open. In this position, you need to implement a meditation cushion for keeping yourself from rounding outward with your back. You need to consider that it is better to keep the spine within alignment for a longer and easier meditation session.

If you notice your feet to fall asleep (this happens to some people in this pose), you should think of changing on to another pose to take the weight off your ankles and improvise the circulation.

5) Doing meditation by holding a Child’s Pose (it is also known as  Balasana)

Have you ever thought of doing meditation holding a child’s pose? It is one of the most fun-loving ways to do meditation. However, it is also an effective way. Let us see now how this is done.

This procedure to undergo meditation is considered to be giving its executors an extra-comfortable space for resting your head. This is a very easy-going pose for beginners. The Child’s Pose is amazingly relaxing at the time of opening up your thighs, back,and hips. By holding this pose, you will feel your stress melting away properly. The only focus to be kept here is on the deeper breathing. By doing this, you can set your mind free.

Importance of a Meditation Cushion

We all need a bed or something to lie on while we go to sleep. Just like that, a meditation cushion helps us to meditate perfectly keeping a strong posture.

A meditation cushion ensures the utmost safety of the body for a perfect body-to-mind connection. It will give you a nice experience while doing the meditational activities, and you will feel activated.


Meditation cushions are one of the most important and efficient tools for undertaking meditational activities. And you may often get strangled while searching on the web for ways to implement a meditation cushion. We anticipate that you have got a good insight into how to use a meditation cushion from this content.

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