Famous people with ENFJ personalities

Famous people with ENFJ personalities

ENFJ personality type people are characterized by a strong mentality, loyal, sensitive,& friendly nature. They possess a special quality of making friends even with introverted individuals. What if I introduce you to 15 famous people with ENFJ personalities!  It would be like knowing more about your favorite celebrity figure, right? Alright then,  Let’s move on 

Famous people with ENFJ personalities at a glance 

Among the numerous personality types, the ENFJ people is around 2.4%. It is great to know that some of the greatest politicians, activists &  actors have comprised these qualities. If you look at them closely, they are bold & never afraid of pitching their ideas in front of others. That’s why they are ruling in politics, Hollywood & other fields as well. In the following, you are going to get a fair knowledge about this individuality of people.

1.Abraham Lincoln 

A man who is a self-taught lawyer, legislators & becomes America’s 16th statesman. Yes, I am talking about Abraham Lincoln. He is remembered as a good strategist for making strong militaries. He had changed the scenario of the USA by making it slave-free & doing other developments. Thus, he becomes one of the greatest presidents in history. 

2. Joseph Goebbels

Almost everyone is familiar with this historical figure who aspired to be an author but ended up being a politician. He was a famous German Nazi politician & one of the closest associates of Adolf Hitler. He had a good command of public speaking. Besides, He was among the exterminators of the dreaded Holocaust. 

3. Mikhail Gorbachev

Before the dissolution of the soviet union, he was the Statesman there. That means, he was the 8th as well as the last leader of the soviet. In 1991, he ended his glorious political career. Till then, he was actively involved in Russia. 

4. Nelson Mandela

He is one of the greatest people to know about among the famous people with ENFJ personalities. This great South African politician spent 27 years in prison due to fighting against racism. At that time black peoples were dominated socially & politically by the white people. His great work makes him immortal in people’s memory. 

5. Barack Obama

Our next great leader you must know among the famous people with ENFJ personalities is Barack Obama. This African leader is known for strong security protection. He is well-known for taking many bold decisions like signing a nuclear deal with Iran. 


Bono came into the discussion for mainly charitable work compared to his musical skills. He is the lead singer of the U2 brand. The best thing is he never let his eye problem influence his performance & meeting with fans.

7.Helena Bonham Carter

This Hollywood Actress shows his ENFJ personality through his character in the film. One of her famous roles is the Red Queen. Besides, her dressing sense & ornaments also bring her much popularity. 

8.Johnny Depp

Johnny is well-known for being a famous co-star with Helena Bonham Carter & role in captain jack sparrow. This great actor also comprises ENFJ personality. 

9.  Jennifer Lawrence

This young star debuted in 2006, but her hard work pays off. Her powerful acting astonished thousands of people & makes her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. That’s why we enlisted her in our famous people with the ENFJ personalities list. 

10.Zack de la Rocha

Zack is a multi-talented singer who can do rapping, singing, lyricist  & former vocalist of rage against the machine brand. Another great activity he did is advocating left-wing ideals in Mexico.

11. Drew Pinsky 

Drew Pinsky is a great media personality & medicine specialist. He also hosted several radio shows among which he was the broadcaster of a radio show from its inception to end, called Loveline. But, the main thing that brings him the center of attention is his reality series, namely Celebrity Rehab & Sex Rehab with Dr.drew.

12. Neil deGrasse Tyson

He is also multi-talented as well as a multi-awarded guy who hosts National Geographic’s Startalk. His field of proficiency is in Astrophysics, cosmology & science communication. Like, although he is a calm guy, he has a unique quality of giving perfect examples while explaining scientific things.  

13. Daniel Goleman

This great psychologist has authored some great books on different topics including brain science, education & leadership. He also works for some great publications like the New York Times. He spends a good amount of time of his life educating people about behavioral sciences. 

14. Erich Fromm

This great historical figure is well known for his notable ideas like being & having as modes of existence & interests in humanism, sociology, and Marxism. 

15. Alfred Adler

This Austrian medical person is the founder of the school of individual psychology. He is one of the persons who stated that the inferiority complex can hinder a person’s development. Because it makes them feel isolated.

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