ESTJ Personality Type Meaning: The Guardian

While traveling worldwide, you will discover that every place on the globe is variant from each other. The personalities of people are classified into 16 types. ESTJ is one of the most commonly found among the characters. ESTJ  is the combination of the traits called extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. The ESTJ s are reputed for being very hardworking and also efficient at the same time. They are more of a process of loving people. They always prefer to accomplish tasks systematically.

Positive sides of ESTJ:

1)      They have got an excellent organizing ability. They always come forward while arranging a big meeting or a function in a very efficient way.

2)      The ESTJs are well-known for maintaining a good connection with the people around them. These people are noticed to be very helpful in other people’s needs.

3)      One of these people’s most admired qualities is that they are very dedicated and committed to the works they do.

4)       They are always trying hard to spread positivity among the people around them.

5)      The people who have an ESTJ personality always love to feel responsible for society and the country. They still work for the betterment of their country, family, and community.

Opposing sides of ESTJ:

1)      One of the shortcomings of this type of personality is the state of being so judgmental towards other people. This may often affect the communication with others.   

2)      Sometimes, the emotions can get over them. At those times, they forget how to react to a situation correctly and act in an insulting and harsh way.

3)      They are so devoted to work that these people are not able to find some space for their personal and family interest. Other people sometimes find it so difficult to accept this kind of behavior.

The advantages and disadvantages of a personality are usual happenings. The ESTJs lead a very peaceful life. They want to live happily and also help others to live together happily.

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