ENFJ Personality Type Meaning: The Giver

ENFJ Personality Type Meaning: The Giver

1. Introduction

ENFJs are individuals who are going to focus on people. They have a very important talent to bring out the best in others.

The abilities of these ENFJs are impressive, as they make certain people do whatever they want. They dedicate themselves to getting under the skin of others, to get the reactions you are looking for. However, it should be noted that the reasons why ENFJs do this kind of thing are disinterested at all times.

These individuals avoid being alone and are full of activities with people. They tend to define their respective lives around the needs of those people, rather than looking for the sites.

This situation has nothing to do with the possibility that they have opinions or not, on the contrary, they have them, along with one precious values.

They are trustworthy people and strive to maintain close relationships. Besides, they are warm, creative and kind people with highly developed knowledge.

2- Jung’s functional order of preference

We can highlight 4 types of orders regarding these people, they are the following:

– Dominant: has an extroverted feeling.

– The auxiliary part: has an introverted intuition.

– Tertiary: detection is extroverted.

– The bottom part: it has to do with these people having introverted thinking.

3- Relations with ENFJ

These people put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into relationships with other people. They are close and authentic.

3.1- The strength of these people

– Verbal communication skills.

– Inspirational, they bring out the best in another person.

– Very insightful.

– Very dear.

– They have a good sense of humour.

– They get along quickly after having a slightly toxic relationship.

– They have good money management skills.

– They are loyal.

– They strive so that we all win.

– Cares about the needs of the other person.

3.2- Duties

– It can be suffocating and very overprotective.

– They do not pay attention to their own needs.

– It can be very manipulative.

– The suitability of the protocol is unknown.

– Can be very critical of attitudes and opinions when they don’t give up.

– Sensitivity to conflict.

– When things go wrong, they blame themselves for no reason.

– Value systems become inflexible in certain areas.

– They are in tune with what is expected of them.

4- As a couple

Those ENFJ people are committed people who give their all for the relationship.

On many occasions, this attitude can be suffocating for the other person.

The problem is that they avoid conflict at all costs, they do this by hiding them, instead of facing them.

5- As parents

They take the role of parents very seriously. They transmit the best values to their children.

6- Success for these people

Given that the focus of these people is the successes of others, they will prosper when things go well for the other person because of themselves.

7- Problematic areas

Much of the weaknesses of these people are these extroverted feelings that are overrated by objective values and judge the needs of others.

8- Conclusion

In conclusion, people who have an ENFJ personality are people who take relationships with other individuals very seriously and worry too much, this can be very good, but it can also lead to certain problems, such as they are suffocating.

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