30 positive psychology exercises

‘Positive psychology exercises’-the term itself makes much understanding of the fact that nothing, even positive psychology, comes without an effort. Life is a give and take system between us and nature. We give effort and nature gives us blessings. 

Positivity is probably the best blessing one can ever have in a lifetime! Yes, every other virtue can be achieved by achieving positivity. But many of us fail to achieve this beautiful yet simple quality. This is the most valuable quality a man can ever achieve, so we should be more careful about being alive and positive! 

Gateway to Positive Psychology Exercises 

Psychology exercises are some practice of attitude and habit that helps to grow a positive mindset inside a person, that definitely helps him to be a better person day by day. One should practice his gratitude and confidence to make his/her day more productive! That’s the goal of psychology exercises. It’s not something related to stretching your hands or feet, It’s a practice of utilizing your mind to the level best! 

Positive psychology exercises for a month! 

We humans mostly tend to look at the negative sides of our life than the blessings we have. So it is always a difficult task to keep our mind motivated about focusing on positive and productive energy. Let’s explore some exercises on positive psychology:

  • Gratitude by mental elimination 

In this exercise, clients are instructed to close their eyes and think about one good thing in their life. After thinking about their good sides, they are instructed to think about what can happen if that one good thing is eliminated from his/her life. This practice leads one not to take things for granted and increases gratitude within oneself! 

  • The self compassion practice 

On this exercise, clients are told to inhale and exhale their breath firstly. Next, they are instructed to place their hand on their belly and are told that the next few moments can be more painful! Then they are told to remember one mistake of their life and they should say to themselves-” I forgive myself for the…..” This practice increases self-love and makes one compassionate to itself. 

  • The beauty list 

On this one, the clients are told to remember the environment they live in and visualize all the beautiful elements they watch there. Then they are instructed to write down or pronounce 5 names of those things. This one works as a toner to feel the good vibes of your environment. 

  • Three funny things

This is interesting enough. Clients are told to write down three incidents that happened in the following day and then write why they are funny. This one increases the ability to find happiness and stay happy with the resources they have. 

  • Act of kindness 

In this one, the client is instructed to write 5 tasks of kindness that he/she will do on the following day. This one increases the willpower and kindness in oneself. 

  • Find silver lining 

Remember one experience in your life that didn’t go well, and then think about the opposite side of that. Think about what good things you achieved from this. 

  • Make an forgiving 

Remember an event where you found someone guilty and that kept on rolling into your mind for long. Take a deep breath and make a forgive! 

  • Make your future diary

Whatever you are doing now to make your future better, whether it is a degree or a new lifestyle, envision yourself on that day and write your journal. Definitely, this one is more motivating and inspiring!

  • Gratitude letter 

Make a list of your well-wisher or friends. Take a piece of paper and pen, write down why you are grateful to them. This will not only increase your positive energy but also will give them mental support! 

  • Count kindness

This one deserves a little observation power of yours! Take a thorough look at your surroundings and make a list of kind activities you saw. This one can also be done on social media too. 

  • Activity checkout 

Clients are instructed to write down three activities done on the previous day. They should include different people and groups. And also write how they felt working with them. 

  • Self-introduction 

No formality, no strict words; clients are asked to give their introduction as they feel themselves. With or without their insecurities, flaws and everything else; they are to present themselves. This makes one confident more than ever!

  • The bus metaphor 

Imagine you are a bus driver, and each of your passengers is a quality of yours. Now describe your passengers in detail! This helps to boost confidence much better. 

  • The gratitude visit 

Think about a person you are most grateful to. Buy some gifts or flowers, write a letter and go to his/her home. Meeting with them, having a conversation will make you feel better. 

  • Make a morning oath 

Develop a morning oath with a healthy ritual that is good for your health. Every morning when you grow up, remind yourself that you have an oath. Practice that and appreciate yourself for being mindful. 

  • Make a habit for a month 

Make a list of habits you wanna achieve. For the coming month, select one of them. Set wallpaper on that on your phone or put a sticky note on your desk. Developing a habit is a long term exercise too. 

  • Remind the moments 

Have a tour of your phone gallery and select some best photos. Print them out and hang them on the wall. Watching past good moments will make you feel better and inspired. 

  • Write your story 

Try to remember one good incident in detail, and write them as a story. This one will make you feel good about your life and make it better. 

  • Design your dream day 

Design a day when you feel happier and productive. If you could control all the activities of your day, how could that be? Furnish yourself!

  • Mindful meditation 

Take out 20 minutes from your morning or evening and do some meditation with slow music or speech. This will make your mind calm and cooler. 

  • Practice some yoga 

This may seem like a physical exercise, but yoga is more beneficial to the mind. Find some time for yourself and do some yoga, practice your favorite asan! 

  • Self-esteem diary 

Make a list of your insecurities and schedule to work on making them better. Working on your insecurities is a hundred times better than just thinking about them. 

  • Count your blessing 

Have a list of good things that happened to you in the past few months and have a grateful mind to feel lucky to get them. 

  • Appreciate your ambiance 

Take a look at your ambiance and write down three things you like there. Feel lucky to live in an environment where you like things and feel grateful for them who don’t even have a home. 

  • Appreciate the angels

create a list of good people around you and give a little gift or chocolate to them. Make them feel happier, watch a smile on their face will definitely make your day. 

  • Make a bedtime habit

create one bedtime habit that makes you feel productive and happier, that can be making your to-do list for the next day. 

  • Self listening 

Close your eyes for 5 minutes and stop worrying about what is not happening. Just keep calm and focus on what your mind is thinking. 

  • Praise yourself

Every time you develop a good habit or a good deed, give yourself some treats or at least a chocolate!

  • Open up your mind 

Whenever you feel like you are not in the right mood, reveal this to others, Keeping your problem in your mind will not solve it, either sharing them can bring a solution. 

  • Gratitude night

Every day before going to bed, thank those who helped you today and paise your God to make you witness another good day. 

Conclusion  Life is a journey with good and bad events, but we should have the influence of good events for longer. Psychology exercises are meant for a better you, a positive you. Staying positive is literally important like staying hydrated!

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