15 Famous People with ENTP Personalities

15 Famous people with ENTP Personalities

ENTP is one such type of personality that is identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Their nature is a mixture of innovative, clever, and expressive.They love to generate new ideas & theories. 

15 Famous people with ENTP personalities 

Famous people with ENTP personalities have always been inspiring us with their works and idealism.Let’s know more about them. 

  1. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil is a versatile person & sets a benchmark as an actor, director, comedian & singer. He played “How I Met Your Mother ” & there his character is praised by millions of people across the globe. Apart from this, he hosted award functions. Although he started as a child actor, later he came to the spotlight with his wit & charm. People also know him as a fan of magic. These are the reasons why we keep him top on our 15 famous people with ENTP personalities list

2. Rowan Atkinson

At our number two of famous people with ENTP personalities list, Rowan stands out among others. He becomes one of the most popular actors for every age of people with his famous & super-funny character Mr.Bean. His comedy sets another benchmark & made a place among 50 comedians ever back in 2005. And it is of course his comic timing,  sense & unique talent that brings him this much popularity.  

3. Robert Downey Jr 

Who didn’t see the iron man & avenger series? Of course, almost everyone is a big fan of these two movies. Intact, these two made Robert one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Apart from his acting, he has a separate fan base for his singing. Even, He gave a good number of soundtracks in different movies. 

4. David Hyde Pierce

In his early life, he used to earn by selling ties & as a security guard. Now, David won four Emmy awards!  It became possible all because of his Frasier show. He also worked as a voice artist. 

5. Sacha Baron Cohen

This handsome actor in Hollywood earned his fame by doing acting, comedy, writing & as a producer. He has a special quality of adapting different accents & guises as per the characters. Maybe that is the reason why he is awarded both the Golden globe & BAFTA Award. Besides, he was also nominated for many Emmy awards. 

6. Terry Gilliam

This British American actor and filmmaker is popular for doing great work on the comedy troupe, namely “Monty Python”.He provides a great role in the British filmmaking industry. As a recognition, he received  BAFTA lifetime achievement. In his entire life, he tried to make people think of the world from a different point of view. That’s why he is a good example of our famous people with ENTP personalities. 

7.Amy Poehler

Amy is a fabulous actress who gets popular due to giving extraordinary performances on the tv show Saturday Night Live. Besides, she is a Golden Globe awarded actress. She walks on a notion that keeps her mind always open to see the possibilities & remain silent to give an opinion in unknown matters. Such a great example of the ENTP personality. 

8.Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter  Raleigh involved himself in various sectors like he was a good writer, poet, spy & politician. He got famous for introducing tobacco in the england. For multidimensional work, he became one of the renowned persons in the Elizabethan era. But the reason why he got widely speculated was for introducing potatoes in Europe & later in  Ireland. 

9. Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the founders of the US. He was also a scientist, and as a scientist, he contributed massively to the American Enlightenment.

10. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the most famous American filmmakers. He is well known for his comedic roles. He appeared in favorite comedies such as Splash, Big, and many others.

11. Suzanne Pleshette

Suzanne Pleshette was a famous American theatre and voice actress. She initiated with theatres and then appeared in a prominent film called “ Rome Adventure” and eventually, she flourished as an actress. Her versatility is the reason for her being one of the most famous people with ENTP personality.

12. Rutherford B. Hayes

He worked as the 19th President of the US. He was a hard-working personality, and he always helped the countrymen with their needs.

13. Barack Obama  

Barack Obama was the most successful president of the US. Throughout his time as the President, he worked hard to establish democracy all over the country and the world.

14. Alexander the Great

Alexander, the great was an ancient Greek king. Throughout his life, he used to teach wisdom and generosity to the people around him.

15. Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is a famous English actor. He received many prestigious awards including the BAFTAs, The Globe Awards, and many others.

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