15 Famous People with ENTJ Personalities

15 Famous People with ENTJ Personalities

ENTJ type personality people are considered a leader as they are confident, self-driven, motivated, competitive, and very good when it comes to lead or direct any matter. 2% to 5% of people fall into the list of this type of personality. Here I am going to introduce you to 15 famous people with ENTJ personalities. So now let’s find out who are the 15 famous people. 

Famous People with ENTJ Personalities 

You already know that people with ENTJ personalities are full of confidence and thus great at leading or directing anything. After being introduced to 15 famous people with ENTJ personalities of different fields your visit will feel a great joy inside you for sure. So, Let’s read them all… 

 1.   Bill Gates

Who doesn’t know that Bill Gates is ruling over the position of the world’s richest man? His ENTJ-type personality showed off when he introduced Microsoft to the world with confidence and belief and after that nobody could turn him back. 

2. Barack Obama

He doesn’t need a specific introduction for his extraordinary and innovative leadership. Everyone knows how beautifully he planned and prepared to reach his goal and that’s a criterion of ENTJ type personality. So President Barack Obama is one of the famous people with ENTJ personalities.

3. Salma Hayek

This American and Mexican actress is known to be bold and straightforward and that is included in ENTJ. Salma participated in programs that talk about women’s rights and also promoted breastfeeding along with carrying out her acting career. 

4. Adele

Adele is the perfect example of ENTJ personality as we all know how she became a successful singer under the age of thirty with so much dedication. Though she has many ups and downs in her personal life she never showed her emotional side and kept focusing on her career. 

5. George Clooney

George Clooney is most famous for acting and he is also involved in directing to feel the immense satisfaction of his work. Not just these, he lent his hand in many political and social issues as well and this is one of the typical criteria of ENTJ type personality.

6. Margaret Thatcher

She won the title of “Iron lady” for a reason obviously and that is her extremely powerful leadership skills. She took some strong and lawful decisions being a Prime Minister and her views of directing and leading make her one of among famous people with ENTJ personalities.

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Franklin D. Roosevelt was America’s 32nd President and had become a central figure for his incredible ruling capacity. And it is clear to us that ruling or leading is one of the most important criteria of ENTJ type personality so Franklin also falls in this category.

8. Jim Carrey

His full name is James Eugene Carrey and he is a famous Hollywood actor who got his fame by doing comedy series mainly. Whether he is acting, producing, or writing he always gives an energetic performance with confidence that reveals his ENTJ personality.

9. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is an American actor who is best known for ruling over the box office whenever any of the release of his film. Wherever the word ruling is used on a person, the personality ENTJ automatically appears there. 

10. Steve Jobs

There is a craze going about iPhones among people all around the world. We all know that iPhones are launched by the company apple and Steve Jobs is the founder of this company. Even after his death, the products of his company are ruling in the world now. So, it is clear that he also carried the ENTJ type personality.

11. Richard Nixon

Richard was the 37th U.S President who previously served as a vice president of America. As the ruling, leading, directing all these falls in the category of ENTJ, Richard Nixon had an ENTJ personality.

12. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a SouthAfrican born actress who started her career as a model but later came into acting to be satisfied with her work. This quality of following the inner instincts matches with the ENTJ type personality. 

13. Nancy Pelosi

She was the highest-ranked powerful female politician in America and famous for being so influential. Her way of talking and solving problems include her in the list of famous people with ENTJ personalities.

14. Donald Trump

The current and most controversial President of the United States is Donald Trump. Though he is famous for doing some infamous work he falls in the ENTJ category for his exceptional leadership.

15. Aristotle

Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher and scientist whose contribution to modern philosophy is huge. He too carried the ENTJ type personality as his thinking level was top marked like self-driven with confidence.

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