100 affirmations for self-esteem

100 affirmations for self-esteem

Confidence is the key to self-esteem and a person’s proper self-esteem can be a magnet to success. Life is not smooth always and neither it will be, but you need to stay motivated and focused on your goals so that you can live a life with no regrets! Sometimes we feel that we might be scared of some qualities, some passion, or simply money; but there is always something we can be grateful for and that is actually practiced by self-esteem affirmations! 

Self-esteem for confidence boosting!

No matter what if you are confident with a proper sense of self-esteem, life will be giving and productive to you. If you think low about yourself or think that it may not be that good to be yourself, then definitely you will be unhappy and obviously unproductive with hopelessness. So achieving self-esteem in your daily life is somewhere a must to stay mentally healthy and on track!

Affirmations for self-esteem!

Nobody is perfect but being perfect is not necessary to be happy with yourself. This is what you need to make yourself convinced! Otherwise no speech, no motivation will be in use for your life. Being grateful for what you are maybe a great tool to make the mechanism of life smoother and productive! 

Have a look at our list of 100 affirmations for boosting self-esteem- 

  1. Life is beautiful and I accept it in my own way 
  2. Everybody has problems, we need to overcome that. 
  3. Panicking is never the solution 
  4. Being specific is enough for me. 
  5. I know I am strong.
  6. I am becoming my better version day by day.
  7. Life is adorable and I am feeling it. 
  8. Bad times are never permanent. 
  9. Life takes it tests, which makes us stronger. 
  10. I know I can fight this. 
  11. My Lord will never test me with impossible. 
  12. Everything’s in its order and beautiful, so am I. 
  13. Love is everywhere, I need to find it. 
  14. My family is so convincing and lovely!
  15. My friends take care of how I think
  16. I know how to handle my negative emotions. 
  17. Everybody has weakness 
  18. I am not the only one struggling right now. 
  19. Life is about living confidently. 
  20. I am so lucky to have another day in my life. 
  21. My flaws do not decide who I am 
  22. I know I am stronger than my fear!
  23. There is always a silver lining 
  24. No cloud stays for long!
  25. Life is about at this moment, and I know how to live it. 
  26. I am grateful that I am in good health. 
  27. I am so happy that I got another day to enjoy myself!
  28. Confidence is my way of style!
  29. I know how to respect myself and others!
  30. Pain is a normal thing and I am allowed to express it. 
  31. Nobody is there to judge me. 
  32. My life is going on my way. 
  33. I am so passionate and I know I will catch my dreams. 
  34. Life is about enjoying itself 
  35. I have the full potential to meet my goals. 
  36. I know it is always good to have some space for me. 
  37. Having yourself treated is one of the cutest things in life!
  38. My dignity is well known to me. 
  39. I know how to present myself with full confidence. 
  40. There is always something to celebrate!
  41. Happiness starts with me 
  42. I am fit to live a good life. 
  43. I can meet my goals with my own potential. 
  44. Confidence is always on my hand to fight anything!
  45. Life is never easy but I know how to deal. 
  46. I am aware enough of my abilities. 
  47. My skills are being improved day by day. 
  48. Life will smile If I smile!
  49. I know how to kick a bad day with a proper smile!
  50. There is nothing that can stop me!
  51. I choose to be happier every day!
  52. My playlist is full of lively songs and I know I will nail it!
  53. Love is something I always deserve and adore!
  54. My life is inspiring!
  55. I know my potential and how to use them for positivity. 
  56. No matter what, I will start my day with a fresh smile!
  57. Things are never easy to achieve. 
  58. I love challenges. 
  59. Opportunities attract me. 
  60. I accept failure as a lesson. 
  61. I have the superpower to stay happy! 
  62. Happiness deserves to be in my everyday routine, no matter what! 
  63. I love the unique person whom I am trying to be 
  64. I let negative people go of my life
  65. Negativity is a part of life and I know how to handle it. 
  66. No matter what, life supports the brave. 
  67. I am brave enough to take up new challenges
  68. Life is about exploring and I love to face it!
  69. Nothing is gifted without hard work. 
  70. My skills are my strength. 
  71. Attitude is my style!
  72. Positivity is something I admire much in life. 
  73. I design my life with 100% positivity 
  74. Every bad time makes me stronger!
  75. No one is there to stop me from being happy. 
  76. Nothing to worry about when I am stronger. 
  77. Life is full of obstacles, but also I am full of positivity. 
  78. I am full of possibilities. 
  79. I know where to start and where to stop. 
  80. Good friends attract me. 
  81. New skillset is my thing of interest and I love to learn. 
  82. I love to meet new people and share views about life. 
  83. God is so giving towards us. 
  84. I am at my best!
  85. I am lucky to have financial confidence. 
  86. A good company is what I choose. 
  87. Life is about breaking the mold and making new, I am not afraid of this. 
  88. I can let bad things go in my life. 
  89. Life needs filtration, and I do it honestly!
  90. I am a deserving candidate for happiness and freedom. 
  91. Life is full of opportunities and I am ready to take them. 
  92. I believe in my abilities. 
  93. I choose to stay with productive people 
  94. I monitor my habits carefully!
  95. Love and affection is something I have for me and others. 
  96. Nothing is too difficult to achieve. 
  97. People will remind me of my works. 
  98. I am living the life I ever wanted to live. 
  99. Life deserves sacrifices, and I am always ready to make it. 
  100. It is always good to be myself!


Life is amazing when one can face it with the fullest confidence and joy. It is also the prettiest journey to have! Boosting self-esteem and making it more beautiful are maybe the most beautiful things to have!

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