100 affirmations for abundance & prosperity

100 affirmations for abundance & prosperity

Nobody is born rich, but everybody can definitely make their level up and establish oneself on the throne of abundance and prosperity. All you need is a total positive mindset and a set of active attitudes towards your future activities! 

To be a rich and prosperous person, you firstly need to follow the rich people’s mindset. You need to figure out what they do, how they feel, how they think,and how they work. Abundance is about a complete journey, it is not only an event or an accident. It requires wisdom, research,and effort. Make sure you put them all. 

But to put them all together, you need to achieve a mindset first. And the mindset comes from strong positive energy that always comes from affirmations! Yes, affirmations are the key to someone’s positivity, because no one can be positive without good words! Always you need to keep in mind that positivity comes with affirmations! 

Why do you need affirmations?

Well, as I just mentioned that abundance and prosperity is always a journey. It does not come with a mere event or some unexpected accidents! It deserves to be achieved. And to achieve this, obviously, like other virtues, you need to practice it. When you are in a habit of thinking positively about yourself, your ability, your worth, your effort; you are bound to have a successful life with prosperity! 

It is more of a system. This system includes these elements- 

  • Positive Thinking 
  • Attitude 
  • Affirmations
  • Practice and repeat 

Like every other thing, anything good starts with positive thinking. With maybe or negative words, no one can achieve their goals. Then comes the attitude that shows that ‘Yes! I will be the man. No matter what!’ This one makes you super confident and focused! 

Then with an attitude to abundance, you can switch to affirmations. These will help you to get continuous positivity and confidence for your work and boost you up every time you feel down or demotivated. Even if you are stressed because you are not doing well in the work, These affirmations will make you do it! And obviously, you need to do them in a cycle! So that nothing is left to achieve between you and success! 

A century of affirmations for abundance & prosperity! 

It is a universal truth that you need to believe yourself first before you achieve something. If you want to have abundance and lots of prosperity in life, you firstly need to believe that you REALLY can do it! Also, no power on the earth can resist you from doing it. When you firmly believe in yourself, things become easier and smoother to catch!

Let’s explore some positive affirmations that can help you out throughout the whole journey to have abundance and prosperity! 

To Develop Positive Energy- 

  1. I am able to crack any obstacle! 
  2. I am powerful enough to achieve what I need! 
  3. I am the man of everything. 
  4. No one can stop me. 
  5. I should get the title I deserve. 
  6. I don’t need anybody to have pity on me
  7. I am my own boss. 
  8. I can control my emotions to go closer to my dreams. 
  9. I can blow off negativity with my work. 
  10. I am never fearful of losing. 
  11. I am mighty in my deeds!
  12. I am pretty sure I will be successful. 
  13. I believe in my effort 
  14. I am ready to receive good fortune. 
  15. God will help me out if I try harder 
  16. Nothing is impossible if I can work with full plans. 
  17. I am already rich with skills. 
  18. I live a prosperous life 
  19. I can achieve every single expensive thing in the world 
  20. I am grateful that I can achieve more than now 
  21. I am pretty much sure that I will make my company more profit 
  22. Nobody can perform more honestly than me 
  23. I am the money magnet!
  24. I can turn all the tables. 
  25. I am the one who is not afraid of being alone in the path of success!

To Develop The Abundant Attitude! 

  1. I am opening myself to the unlimited opportunities of life!
  2. I have nothing to lose, So it’s time to gain!
  3. No one can defeat me in this journey!
  4. I have all those skills required to be abundant!
  5. I need not worry about the enemy 
  6. I am aware of how to make sales high. 
  7. I know my ambiance of abundance
  8. I can sense my prosperity in the next few years. 
  9. My boss is positive about my skills. 
  10. I can do better every time. 
  11. I am rich. 
  12. I am naturally gifted with the attitude of the rich people. 
  13. I am abundant enough to deserve a cool life. 
  14. I am the best. 
  15. I have everything to be prosperous. 
  16. I am at the peak of my abundance!
  17. I am the person of prosperity 
  18. I can have a six-digit salary. 
  19. I am a wealthy entrepreneur with a very positive outcome. 
  20. I have a thick wallet.
  21. My wallet is getting bigger day by day. 
  22. Everyone praises my strategy. 
  23. I can control my professionalism
  24. I have the sound way to handle my tasks. 
  25. I deserve to stay on the peak! 

To Develop a growing mindset! 

  1. I am a magnet for success. 
  2. I can have all the comforts. 
  3. I do deserve the coziest bedroom 
  4. I can spend my money on my dreams. 
  5. I can have enough that I need 
  6. Prosperity is flowing in every field of my life. 
  7. No one can be an obstacle between me and prosper life. 
  8. Making money is making dreams come true.
  9. Prosperity attracts hard workers like me. 
  10. Abundance is my ocean of life. 
  11. My money is increasing in every possible and honest way. 
  12. I love to work for my prosperous future. 
  13. Every day is filled with opportunity. 
  14. Every opportunity comes with abundance. 
  15. The universe is bound to provide my prosperity for me 
  16. There is no way where my abundance is clogged 
  17. God will help me handle every problem. 
  18.  All my needs will be met up 
  19. I have the power to be successful more than my friends 
  20. I am confident about the ess 
  21. I can work till midnight to make my goals visible in real life. 
  22. I reject negativity and misconceptions.
  23. I am confident because I have skills. 
  24. I can do it better than anybody else, let it be sales or marketing. 
  25. Nobody can convince buyers better than me! 

To stay on the page! 

  1. I am doing the right business and I will prove that I am the best. 
  2. No storm can distract me. 
  3. I will maintain a good to-do list to make a flow. 
  4. I am learning every day and applying them to my work. 
  5. I am a magnet to abundance. 
  6. My aura is attracted to prosperity. 
  7. My life is going to be changed according to my efforts. 
  8. My only goal is to achieve an abundant lifestyle. 
  9. There will be no ‘less’ in my life anymore. 
  10. Everybody will see a new me from now on. 
  11. The universe will make my goal come to me 
  12. I have the fortune to attract wealth. 
  13. I can be the billionaire of the age
  14. History will be made on me. 
  15. No abundance is difficult for me to achieve, 
  16. I have everything to turn my fuel on, 
  17. I deserve to be abundant and that’s what I am now!
  18. No one can have a life like me, relaxed and abundant!
  19. Prosperity is a term for good persons. 
  20. No abundance, No life!
  21. I have marvelous ideas to get on the peak. 
  22. My income is increasing day by day!
  23. I should maintain a healthy lifestyle to enjoy all my abundance!
  24. I am a person to convince buyers every day!
  25. I am a financially confident person! 


Money doesn’t buy happiness definitely but the things that can make you happy obviously comes after money! So being abundant can be a good way to make you feel more confident and independent! And every human being deserves it! 

100 positive affirmations for self-love

100 positive affirmations for self-love

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