10 Best Self Love Journal Prompts

Writing is always a great habit to practice and have. Journaling means keeping a record of day-to-day activities, any special event, achievements in life, and many other things related to life in a written form. You can also use colorful themes here to make things look beautiful. Often people can suffer from a situation which is a depressing one, and they can come out of it when they’ll see the good things about them written in Journal. It plays a significant impact on a personality and enhances your writing skill. Keeping and maintaining a journal where you write about your things is a great practice. You may often run out of topics on what you write about. Below here. You will get to know about X Best Self Love Journal Prompts:

1)                  What are you good in?

This is one of the best topics for a self-love journal. Often you may suffer from inferiority complexes and many other psychological critical situations where you find yourself a bit disturbed. You will always want a bit of relaxation and a gap in your routine. One of the best things to do here is to look at what you are good at and especially on these bad days. Write some good things which are happy doing and reading these things out at a particular time will make you happy.

2)                  Write about your good memories.

This is also one of the most fascinating things to write in your self-love journal. Often you may feel lonely because of different reasons. It can be because your close and loved ones left you and many other reasons. Just don’t get deep into these thoughts. You should concentrate on your good memories which you had at a certain point in your life and can feel happy.

3)                  The 10 things which you love about yourself.

Often you may feel depressed. You can often run into a problem where psychologically, you will feel down. You can write about the 10 things which you are good at, and you feel happy doing them. These can be playing a particular sport, reading books, achievements, and many others. Or in the most depressing hours, you can easily bring the Journal out of the shelf and can read them, and you will feel better.

4)                   Which portion of your life are you significantly happy with?

People can’t pass by the same emotional scenario all the time in a uniform way. They can have a good day today, and they also don’t know what can happen the next day. You should always utilize your happy times in a beautiful way and should have great fun out of it. You can note down the parts of life you are satisfied with. Amidst the darkest hours where you feel down, these things will make you feel better.

5)                  Write about the things you should tolerate and forgive.

Tolerance and forgiveness are two of the most significant virtues to have in your life. You should have a tolerating and forgiving mentality. Then you can mix with people and interact with them appropriately. People can do wrong with you but to be a good human being, you can forgive and tolerate a few things which you can write in your self-love prompt Journal. This will make you feel good and realize certain things.

6)                  What does your dream life look like?

People live with dreams. Yes, dreaming is good, and you should dream of the things which take away your sleep. This is in the sense that the goals should be very passionate and you should love your dreams. You can note down your dream life in your self-love journal, and at a particular time of your leisure, you can read out this thing. This will make you rethink your progression towards making that dream successful. This will also motivate you and make you work harder to chase that dream.

7)                  Write about caring for yourself.

More often than not, people suffer from depression, and they forget the good things about themselves. They find themselves amidst great sorrows and grief. You should not put the trust away from your abilities. You need to care about yourself and be happy with it. You should write in the Journal about how you used to take care of your physical and spiritual aspects of life.

8)                  What do you dream of as a perfect day for you?

It may often happen that you are passing or you have passed a terrible day. It is part and parcel of everyone’s life. Good and bad times of life can never be avoided. These are an integral part of our life. But while passing a lousy day, don’t feel too depressed and helpless. You should write what you want on your good day to happen and plan the next day accordingly. You will notice that you will feel happier in your life.

9)                  What is unique about you?

It may often happen that you are suffering from an inferiority complex. You can go to a basketball tournament where some of your close friends can win the game and win prizes. Seeing this, you can suffer from an inferiority complex, and you can feel bad about yourself. You shouldn’t do this because you are maybe unique and useful at some other things and write it in your self-love journal. Reading them out, you will feel better.

10) What can make your life a peaceful one?

Happiness and sorrow are both an integral part of our life. We should not be overwhelmed with joy when we are happy, and we also shouldn’t cry in grief when we are in sorrow. Especially, amidst sorrow, people make many fatal decisions that they should not take. They should be very easy-going in their sorrow as well. It is an excellent habit to write about the things which make your life peaceful in your Journal. This will make you feel happier.


You cannot always control your emotions, but you can note down the things in your life which you love to do and can make your life peaceful. And knowing about the 10 Best Self Love Journal Prompts can be great for anyone who loves journaling.

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